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MG MGB Technical - aftermarket steering hub pin location?

Hi all i am fitting an aftermarket steering wheel and hub..the hub comes with a pin to cancel the indicators, there is a small hole in the hub for the pin but what location does the pin need to be? at the top or bottom?? cheers keith
k layton

Usually, the canceling pin is located at the 9 o'clock position. RAY
rjm RAY

Depends which side the stalk is, it should be pointing at the stalk when the steering is in the straight-ahead position. In the UK that is 3 o'clock, if LHD cars have the stalk on the other side then it would be 9 o'clock.

But are you sure this is for the indicators? Sounds like the sprung pencil contact for the horn to me. Before 77 (always give the year) the indicator cancelling peg was on the column, not the wheel. Originally screwed into a tapped hole in the column, that needs the column to be correctly aligned with the rack and the wheel, then a spring-clip that can be slid round to the required position irrespective of the position of the shaft. From 77 on the wheel *did* the indicator cancelling arrangement, which were two 'castelations' that engage with a plastic collar on the combined indicator and wiper stalk assembly. See, and
PaulH Solihull

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