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MG MGB Technical - Aftermarket Tube Rear Shocks

I All
I have an MGB with aftermarket tube shocks installed. They are presently installed vertical and the shock interferes with the rear bolt that the original shock mounted to unless it is spaced way out from the bracket.
The upper bracket has a bolt that is offset so that the shocks may be mounted almost straight up and down or if the bracket is installed on the opposite side of the car the top of the shock will be somewhat forward of vertical and not interfere.
Does anyone know the correct way for them to mount?

Godspeed in Safety Fast
John Crawley

The plates are usually stamped L and R and have a corner cut off. I seem to remember that they are not mounted vertically and shouldn't need a spacer on the top bolt, the threaded boss is long enough.
Allan Reeling

What brand of shock is used. Is the conversion from Moss?
Glenn Mallory

Glenn, Moss do a good selection of rear shocks :

I fitted a Spax conversion kit 5 years ago and have very pleased with it. As Allan has said, the mounting brackets are marked left and right. The shocks mount at an angle and are not vertical to the rear axle.

Andy Robinson

Hi All:
I bought new Dodge Dart shocks from NAPA (as per the archive) and installed them on my friends B that had the tube shock conversion I asked about. I also swapped the conversion's upper-plates from side-to-side so that the mounting bolts are at the lowest point. The hardest part of the job was drilling out metal inserts in the rubber shock bushings and getting the bottom spring plates off so that I could also swap them side-to-side with the shock mounting hole at the lowest point. I checked all minimum and maximum travel distances and they were now perfect. It was a well worthwhile effort.
Thanks for the help and
Godspeed in Safety Fast . . .
John Crawley

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