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MG MGB Technical - air cleaners-which ones?

Hi everyone,

I'm running a rebuilt set of SU HIF4's on an '80 LE. Right now it has the stellings air cleaners on the carbs, but I would rather use the K&N's. I read some posts in the archives, but I'm still unsure which ones to use. I know there aren't many filters that will clear the brake booster, but I think I can trim the spacer blocks down that go between the carbs and manifold to gain some extra clearance.

Also, the car runs fine but really doesn't want to pull up into the higher rpms. Would simply changing the cam help this?

Thanks in advance,

David Plantz

Dave, I recently did this conversion to a 75 b and cut the spacers in half. Worked out well but you have to modify the heat shield. Used the conical k and n filters. so far so good.
kra Karl


Could you elaborate on what was modified with the heat shield?

Dave Plantz

the throttle linkage will hit the heat shield in the middle and on both sides by the carburators. not a big job to cut some holes in the heat shield. a dremel tool does a quick job of it. i added some material purchased from the home depot and pop rivetted it to the back of the heat shield to add someprotection from the heat.
kra Karl

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