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MG MGB Technical - Air Conditioner Pictures

I'm about to install a dealer option air conditioner system into my 1980 MGB LE. The A/C system is complete and came from a 1980 mgb roadster. I'm looking for pictures that show the installation of the system in a late rubber bumper car; pictures from the engine compartment and pictures from under the dash would be appreciated. Also, any advice would also be appreciated.

Chuck Hassler

Here is a photo from MG 2005 in Olympia, WA. This uses the early larger Sankyo (or Sanden) compressor. The dealer added units that I have seen have holes cut through the firewall, I would not do that, Moss has a better set up going through the removable cover on the shelf area where the carbon canister is located. Earlier units had the York compressor (late 60's, early 70's).

M. H. Dabney

Thanks Matt,

Good photo. The more pictures I can collect the easier the installation will be. Kelvin Dodd at Moss made the much appreciated effort to send me the original dealer system installation instructions which will help a great deal. Thanks again, Chuck
Chuck Hassler

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