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MG MGB Technical - Air conditioning for MGBs?

Does anyone have any experience with, or comments about, the complete air conditioning kit for MGBs that is sold by Nostalgic Air? Or is there another kit that you would recommend more highly? Thanks in advance for your advice.
Mike Whalen
M.E. Whalen

Mike, my MGB, which I purchased in LA CA came with a Vintage Air, air conditioning unit. It wasn't working and I removed it but it was a nice compact unit with the evaporator mounted up under the passenger foot well.
The cooled air was directed thru the two normal vents in the center of the dash plus one on either side at the outside edges of the dash and two more hidden vents directly off the condenser directed towards one's feet.
The cockpit installation was almost invisible except for the two additional vents but the engine bay was very crowded with the extra plumbing and the compressor and additional drive belt. It was very hard to do anything to the distributor side of the engine.
Their web site is
If you are interested in more pictures of the installation I have some more left.


Mike: I have the Moss kit installed. Very neat, works fine. Lots of info if you want it.

Bernie Lowe

I have no experience with Nostalgic Air, but I know that most parts on the market are universal. That is, they will fit any car if they are sized appropriately. Most kits come with brackets to attach the various components to the car. Compressor brackets are the most difficult to find, because they must be fabricated from thick steel plate. I'd be surprised if Nostalgic Air sells compressor brackets that will attach any of their compressors to the engine in an MGB. They don't list them as spare parts on their web site. So you might ask them before ordering, in case you need to find used compressor brackets somewhere. When I added air to my '67 GT, I used a compressor bracket from a '79 and cut and welded it to fit a Sanden compressor. All the rest of the parts I used were universal, purchased from Old Air. -G.
Glenn G

G'day Mike,
I have recently ordered, and received the Nostalgic Air Parts (NAP) a/c kit for my s/c 1972 mgb roadster. I actually received a kit for a non s/c MGB but this was quickly rectified with no additional cost to myself. Most of my initial inquiries and the subsequent sale was handled by Jon, who was most helpfull.

The kit itself was very comprehensive and contained all of the parts required to install the a/c unit.

The installation instructions could have been more detailed and only comprised less than a dozen pages of instructios. By comparison, the MOSS installation manual provides nearly 50 pages of information. Fortunately, I have access to a couple of mates who have some knowledge in regard to a/c installation.
The NAP kit is almost half the price of the MOSS item.

I have not installed the kit on the roadster as yet as I have got out my tape measure and I have almost convinced myself that the kit will be able to be adapted to fit into my 1973 factory V8. A better option!

Hopefully I will be able to report further on the success (or otherwise) of this project and later, on the quality and performance of the NAP kit.
Regards Graham
Rick Ingram

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