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MG MGB Technical - Air Filters

Antbody found any K & N filters that will fit the standard "saucepans" on a 78 BGT 1800 ?
Rgds to all
R. C. Elwell

Get me a part number.
O.E. or otherwise, and I will try.

DCM McCullough


K&N do make one that is a direct replacement, but I can't remember the number. If you measure a standard filter and use the dimensions in the K&N website filter size table you can work it out.


I don't know about the late single carb models, but my experience with the dual su's with a modified engine is that the snorkels are the restriction issue, not the filters. I cut about a 2" square hole in my stock air filter covers and noticed a major high rpm improvement.
Barry Parkinson

Take look here ~ I believe Roger posted the part number for the HS-4 carbs. Otherwise, check with these folks:
Bob Muenchausen

I used straight K&Ns sitting on the original metal can back plate and made end caps from 3mm aluminium on the other end. I had to use slightly different length bolts too. Not sure how it's changed the performance yet but it sounds great! No good for you if you want to look original still but it is a mod where you can easily put the original cans and filters back if you want to.
Simon Jansen

I used K&N part # KNNE-2400, Moss# 372-395 from LBC Co. Did the "Bob Filter" conversion on my 73 MGB per web link in Bob Muenchausen's post above. As a result I changed from ABD needles to AAA on the HIF carbs since the mixture was clearly weak after removing the inlet restriction.


B.J. Quartermaine

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