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MG MGB Technical - All shocks the same

Are all rear shocks on the Band B GT the same? Can you use a later MKII for a MKI?
BEC Cunha

They are all the same. As you know they are handed. Rubber bumper car shocks are the same but the length of the links are different.

Clifton Gordon

According to the BL parts catalogue, there are three different types.

GSA168 & 169

GSA328 & 329 (V8)

GSA367 & 368 GHN5 360301 to 410000 & GHD5 361001 to 410350

I don't know what the differences are - possibly different damping rates - or how you would know that you had a matched pair if you fitted reconditioned units.
Dave O'Neill

I guess I stand corrected, that said, here in the USA Moss shows different parts numbers for rebuilt and new shocks, but they indicate the shocks are the same for all model years. Of course the V8 was never oficially shipped to the USA. Peter Caldwell, can you help with information?

Clifton Gordon

Clausager does say that from the start of rubber bumper production the "rear shock absorbers were ... revised *and* given longer links" (my emphasis). The 3rd set was for all rubber bumper cars including V8s.
Paul Hunt 2

Bruce, There are 3 different part numbers for the range of B rear shocks. I challenge anyone to actually find a difference. We have many NOS of each, and all valve components are the same. We treat them as 100% interchangable. Yes, the links are different as ride height changes. C shocks have a different part number too, but fully interchange.

Peter Caldwell

I believe there were minor changes in valving between the different shocks, but as Peter noted there is nothing that can be identified. It has been industry convention to supercede them all to one number since at least the 80s.

There are a lot of cases where production changes were made during the life of the car, but upon retrospect, one specification will work for all applications.
KJ Dodd


It may well be that 'one specification will work for all applications', but my point was that I would like to know that BOTH dampers were the same specification.
Dave O'Neill

Thanks all

Peter. For a 67 B GT Any significant advantage, disadvantage to having mine rebuilt or just purchasing a set?

BEC Cunha

Armstrong conveniently stamped their part number on every shock (except for Spridget fronts which were cast) On all rears, the number is stamped on the underside of one of the mounting ears. B rear shocks will have 8178LH or RH, or 12012 or 12075 (LH, RH)

Per Armstrong's 1978 USA catalog... 8178 fit all B and GT (4 cyl) through 1974. (The 73 and 74 BGT V8 used 10801 which I've never seen) All modlels 75 through 5/76 used 12012. Then all models 6/76 to end used 12075. Again, I've seen absoultely no difference in the 8178, 12012, 12075. I suppose if matching, check that the numbers are the same. (BTW, ALL fronts are the same number 8177/1, even though there was a change in the very earliest) I could go on for a long time on this.

Bruce, you have my email. I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Peter Caldwell

Bruce - in the UK at least rebuilt exchange are a fraction of the price of new, which haven't long been available again anyway. With the rebuilds they are only as good as the core and the repairer. Even with a good repairer it is possible to get an early failure every now and again, but they aren't that difficult to change once you have changed it the first time. I have no idea how good the new are compared to the originals, even they had the occasional 'infant mortality', I had one fail in the six years I had a Marina from new. That and an interior light bulb was all that failed!
Paul Hunt 2


To quote Bob Muenchausen from back in 2001 "World Wide in Madison, WI. Be sure to ask about the differences in how they seal theirs."

I had them rebuild my MGA shocks a number of years ago and have had no problems with them since.


Larry Hallanger

Hi Larry.

WorldWide is Peter Caldwell's company. IMHO the best rebuild shop there is.
BEC Cunha

I've used New Manufacture Armstrong lever arm dampers as well as rebuilt ones from both Apple Hydraulics and Worldwide Auto Parts. I'll take the rebuilt ones from Worldwide over either the New Manufacture or the Apple Hydraulic items.
Steve S.

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