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MG MGB Technical - Alloy sump

Ok guys
I have a fella wanting an alloy sump for his racer
Why ?--I don't know
Has anyone here used one-

Which one has the best baffles
1----Moss motors-
2----Cambridge motorsport

Are there any others

The box style baffle in the Moss sump worries me a bit
Havn't had much luck with that style of baffle
Can't find a pic of the baffles in the Cambridge one

Both our tracks here run anti clock making a good sump no.1 priority

Any input would be appreciated

William Revit

I've got the moss one on our 1800 A, fitted perfectly no leaks. Baffle plate - more a windage plate than a baffle to my way of thinking.
David k Brenchley

Thanks for your input
Yes,they have the windage tray and also a square baffle arangement underneath it and for most driving I'm sure it's fine
The problem here is that one of our racetracks has a long left hand corner followed imediatley by another and most oil pans won't hack it
I usually use the Milodon weld on trap door pan and it's great but this guy wants an alloy pan
I;m trying to talk him out of it ,but I feel in my bones it's going to happen
I must admit, they do look the part and as you say they appear to seal up nicely
Do you drive your car in competition- If yes do you have any oil surge problems
William Revit

Its only used on the road - the sump was left over from our comp B GT the we had no problems with surge. We also have a midget that gets lots of comp time and has no problems with oil surge despite being totally standard in respect of the sump (but little else). My opinion is the alloy sump is nice to have ( it was in the loft) but not much benefit ( although we do not have a oil cooler) - ST used to suggest extending the sump and putting in a windage tray...
David k Brenchley

Cheers David
I think I might contact both Moss and Cambridge and see if I can get some pics / feed back (sales pitch )from them and do a bit of a comparison from that
Thanks again
William Revit

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