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MG MGB Technical - alloy wheel stud length

Are the standard steel wheel studs of sufficient length for Minitor alloys. I am in the process of changing over from wires and have the hubs cleaned and ready to install. If I need to put in longer studs then now is the time to do it (assuming longer ones are available). When I had a midget I replaced the front studs with the longer rear ones.
Steve Church

Steve the studs for the wire wheel hubs are shorter than the steel wheel hubs.

And unfortunately the rear studs are NLA. I am not sure about front.

Good luck!!

Colin Parkinson

Steve. How are you performing your transformation? When I did it on my car and my daughter's car, I replaced the rear axle and front hubs with some from a disc wheel car. The wire wheel rear axle is of different dimensions than the disc wheel rear axle (side to side). When the conversion is made by switching to disc wheel parts, the disc wheel studs are sufficient for the Minitor wheels. At least, they were on my 68 GT. If attempting to use the wire wheel components, I do not have a clue (clew) as to what may be required.

Les Bengtson

I have acquired a disc wheel rear axle and front hubs from a '69 B. So I'm going the same route as you Les. If you found the stud length ok then I don't need to worry about it.
Steve Church


Like you, I had the same experience with a Midget. I used rear studs on the front and Mini Cooper on the rear, which were 1/4" longer IIRC.

(RAC)MSA 'blue book' regs for motorsport used to recommend 1.5 times stud diameter for usable thread length, which seems a reasonable benchmark figure.
Dave O'Neill 2

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