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MG MGB Technical - Alternative engine for MGB

looking for alternative engine for mgb to have more power. would prefer not a v8. has anyone tried a ford 20 engine or Bmw 20 ?
ron azzopardi

I have always thought that if I ever put an unoriginal engine in my MGB, it will have to be an Alfa Romeo 1750 or 2000. A classic twin cam, all aluminium engine, with a five speed gearbox already attached!


Many possibilities:


Ford 2,3L+5sp (like Ranger)

Fiat 124/2000+5sp
Are my favorites with carb set-up...


Jean Guy Catford

Here are some nice conversions:

Ford 4-cylinder (with turbo)

Nissan 4-cylinder (with turbo)

I don't know why you're set against a V8... but if you'd consider a V6, this is a particularly nice installation too:
(I like the way the owner retained the factory fuel injection system and pollution control equipment... and thus gets great driveability, reliability, and fuel economy.)

Given Ron's location (Malta), I'm not sure how plentiful 60* GM V6s and Ford Ranger 2.3l engines will be. I'm guessing that Fiat, Alfa and Nissans are more plentiful. I know I loved the SR20DE 2.0l DOHC 16V in my Infiniti G20 (Nissan Primera). Smooth reving all the way to 7500 rpm. 40+ MPG (Imp.) if I cruised at the speed limit. And if the 140HP standard isn't enough, there's the SR20DET turbo version that has close to 200HP, standard.

Derek Nicholson

..... but this might provide you with some inspiration.

Derek Nicholson

The mazda rotaries are powerful, small and light.


rick ingram


The Volvo B21A with a single SU gives a@ 107 HP DIN, which is the best of my 3 suggestions. And this engine is the best as it last almost forever...
It is an easy task to improve HP with a more Hi-comp B21F (head & SOHC) and by adding a double carb. set-up


Jean Guy Catford

Ford Zetec - bolts straight up to the type9 gearbox which there is a kit to convert the B for.
N.C. Nielsen


Your website states it bolts up to a T5. Are you saying the Ford Zetec will work on both the T9 and T5.

Just asking. Nice Ride...

Ray 1977 MGB


We must have in mind that a swap from a carb. car to a carb. car is not difficult. But a swap from an EFI car to a carb. car, like a MGB is something else. As the B electrical system is only a 6 fuses story. The instalation of an EFI mean a new fuses block and everything going with EFI.

I saw, on the web some MGBs with miata or toyota DOHC transplant. It was a big task....


Jean Guy Catford

If you're looking for more powere another option is to install a supercharger. I've got 2000 miles on my SC setup and really like it. Very tractable and now keeps up easily with traffic. Not cheap, but neither is an engine transplant.

Tom Sotomayor

It should be a 1.8 K series: light, torquey, and fuel efficient. And you can be advised by those who've blazed the trail. Look at the Twin-cam 16V midget and B board in this BBS.


Ray - that's not my website. I should have stated so. However I wish it was as this would mean I would be a far way into a transplant that's only on my drawingboard at the moment. However I'd probably go with either Webers or TB injection as you would then avoid cutting the inner fender to fit the ZETECs original inlet manifold. I know that the ZETEC bolts up to T9, and this is what I would be using, don't know about the T5. Apparently there is a special bellhousing to adapt the T5 to the ZETEC.
N.C. Nielsen

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