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MG MGB Technical - Alternative part numbers

Hi; I'm living in Spain where my 1977 UK spec MGB GT is a real oddity. Getting simple parts like spark plugs, air filters, petrol filters, rotor arms and oil filters is proving a bit of a problem.

Is there a website that has optional parts lists for these everyday items for the rubber bumper Bs?

Chris Thompson

Hi Chris,

I am surprised to see such a question. I don't have the answer but it is an easy find such such simple parts. The basic idea is to find what brand of spark plug, filter and ignitions components that are avaliable in Spain for their domestic car like Seat. Next step is to find company's website for theses products and find right parts number suitable for a B-GT.


An example, Bosch europe offers an hotline to help you find the right parts for your car...
Jean Guy Catford

there are many websites where you can order and simply receive them by Post .... I do that as I can't find anything on my channel island and has bought from MGB websites from US and UK ... just do a research on google
hope it helps

The mag is running a guide to parts that were used on various cars:
If you are going to local parts dealers, you could try giving them just the relevant part number and working off that rather than letting them search for "MGB GT" and working down. Otherwise, invite firends to stay and tell them to pack light becuase there are just a couple of bits you need them to carry.....
Steve Postins

This thread was discussed on 10/02/2005

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