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MG MGB Technical - Alternator

Hi, I noticed the ignition light had a slight glow: I have had this before and it's been a dirty connection on the alternator. I stopped and cleaned it up but the battery was flat. I turned the slight glow into the full light now when running.
I put a voltmeter on the thick brown at the alternator and that bangs over to 14v, the maximum my meter goes up to, it shows 9v on the brown yellow. Do I need a new alternator, or do I need to look further.
c cummins

Sounds like the voltage regulator or other internal component or connections has failed, both the brown and the brown/yellow should be showing about 14v when charging. You *might* have some luck with disconnecting, cleaning and reconnecting all the internal connections, otherwise it looks like a new alternator. 14v as the maximum for a meter sounds odd, if that really is the case it could well be charging the batteries much higher and not doing them (or perhaps other parts of the alternator) any good, and I wouldn't bother trying to fix it, just replace it.
Paul Hunt 2010

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