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MG MGB Technical - Alternator plug clip

Anyone missing this? Out of three other people I have checked with and six alts between us none had this clip. None of the usual suspects list it, but I found them here
Paul Hunt


Hah, you made me look mate. No clip on our '74 B/GT, and don't recall ever seeing one there.

Larry C. '74 B/GT & '69 midget (with Dynamo)
Larry C '69 Midget

Mine does. But it was part of the supercharger kit from Moss that was shipped from the US. The one it replaced did not.
Michael Beswick

Hi Folks,

I've had both. Some cars had the clip, some didn't. I'm unsure if this was a "manufactured" thing, or if, over the course of years of vibration, some clips may have fallen off.

I have a '77 B, converted to a '74 (Dash, wiring, C/B's etc) The engine is also a '74 and has the clip, whereas the '77 engine did not.

Perhaps it's one of those things that make MG's so unique. :-)
JR Jim) Ross

Almost every Bosch alternator, that I've seen, has had that clip installed from the factory. About half of the Lucas alternators that I've come across have it. Whenever I have a core, that needs to be returned, I always save the old clip for use on a car that doesn't have one. RAY
rjm RAY

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