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MG MGB Technical - Anti-Run On & Marina Brakes

A couple of questions if I may,

1) Where in the UK can I get hold of a Anti-Run on Valve for the manifold? I have a Marina engine which I'm told is the same as the B hence my desire to stop it running on :)

2) Marina Brakes, a complete random question but are they the same as the B?

I have a Kit-Car you see and it's built on a Marina and I'm wanting to put green stuff pads up front but not sure if the B is the same.

If they aren't the same, would it be difficult to change the brakes from Marina to B?

Cheers :)
Stefan Carlton 1

The MGOC sells an anti-runon valve which is tee'd into the brake servo hose, or connected to the brake servo port on the inlet manifold if there is no servo. However I found it did absolutely nothing for the running-on in my car, indeed the engine continued to run relatively normally with it open! Someone else has said he got better results with it by making an adaptor to screw direct into one of the ports of the inlet manifold, which is what you were asking about in the first place. For myself I plumbed it in similar to how the North American valves are connected and completely solved the problems on my car, see and click on 'Running-on'.

Marina engines are similar to the MGB but have detail external casting differences for different gearboxes etc. and have a cast crank instead of the stronger forged crank of the MGB.

Why don't you just get Greenstuff pads that suit the Marina?
Paul Hunt

I too owned a Marina. Over here, it was called a Austin. It had, I'm fairly certian, Triumph Spitfire brakes. Mine had a single HIF carburetor. You can set the idle down low and it won't 'diesel'
The camshaft is milder than a 'B'
And the rear brakes and differential are much lighter duty than a 'B'
I really liked this car, it had a huge trunk, [boot] and good rear seating for my children. I modified it with a MGB overdrive gearbox. Turned it into a good car. After the car went off to LBC heaven, the engine found it's way into my '77 MGB for a while.
I would like to see/ know what this kit car is. ???
Safety Fast
Dwight McCullough

I've seen Bugatti 35B look-alike's based on a Marina, quite good, but the front suspension gives it away. One I saw was parked outside the old Loew's Hotel in Monaco, a bit of a let-down to find it Marina based.
Paul Hunt

Mine is a Marlin Roadster (

I'm not sure the pads for the Marina are made anymore to be honest, at least not in Green Stuff guise, I'm inquring about then but it's hard work hence wanting to go the route of the B - there is a much better network of spare parts for the B. Then again, I've missed out the obvious places so I'll check there next :)

As for running on, I've seen the Bee & Vee pages, and read up a fair bit on there regarding other problems (top website!), someone who looked in the car suggested that the anti-run on valve (as fitted to later MG Metro Turbos) just replaced the rubber pipe & copper stopper which attaches directly into the Manifold, is this how you tried it?

In the future I'm planning to add a Stage2 head, a bit more of a "wilder" cam, a suitable 'box conversion (I'm thinking Ford type 9) and possibly upgrade the back Diff to be LSD :) Currently I'm replacing all the bits that are slightly suspect so that I have an engine with relatively new bits.
Stefan Carlton 1

Nice to see your Marlin. A guy I know has been building one for several years now. He is using a 3 litre BMW six cylinder engine.....Hmmm....Wonder how quick that's going to be?

Mike Howlett

Top speed won't be that much higher than mine - you hit a brick wall at around 90-100mph or so and you can't get past it (unless he's building a sportser which is slightly different I'm told.).

Acceleration, well, that will be impressive if he can get the grip - the back end of mine is very light, even with me sitting over the rear wheels virtually so in the wet it's pretty much a nightmare trying to get traction and handling in the wet is, well, interesting.
Stefan Carlton 1

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