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MG MGB Technical - Anyone got a photo? - LE steering wheel motif

Hi there everyone,

I have been off the MG for a week working on another project. Now it's time to pick up where I left off on the B.

I had started a thread earlier called 'What push horn badge is this?'. To which I had some good replies. Thanks guys.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that the part I want is in the Moss catalogue and is:

* Part number 17: The MOTIF for the L.E. steering wheel assembly. Unfortunately, tis part is listed as 'not available'.

The link is:

As my one is damaged, I want to replace it with the best possible one I can find. Before I do this however, I am wanting to double check that it is the correct part I am after. This is where I need your help.

So... Has anyone got a photo of this part on their steering wheel that they can show me?

You know what they say... A picture says a thousand words... so I am hoping this will tell me once and for all that I am on the right track.

Thanks in advance

Safety Fast
Mark Duggan

If your LE wheel is the 3 spoke as fitted to the US spec LE it looks the same as the plastic LE road wheel centre. Check the part numbers. I replaced mine some years ago with a T Type enamel radiator badge which was exactly the right diameter and sat in the soft wheel centre with just a thin round plastic spacer to lift it slightly. It was a press fit.
D Wellings

Mark. Is your LE a "North American" or a UK Limited Edition. As I remember, there was a difference between the two, but do not remember what it was. Color? Les
Les Bengtson

For north american spec LE, Moss Motors catalog, page 45
Boss 408-290 $19.95
Motif 408-280 $5.45

Outer rim is 4/12 inches wide, centre motif 2 inches.
Of course this is just a cover as the horn is on the stalk.
Kim Rutherford.
K Rutherford

Sorry guys, I don't know what LE model the steering wheel is from. My car is a 1967 Mk1 roadster. The PO had scored the steering wheel and attached it. There are no clues as to what model it comes from. I have just narrowed it down to what I believe it is... a LE (probably not American based as NZ is same as the UK for road rules - we drive on the left) - if that makes a difference?

Mark Duggan

I know you drive on the left, I am a kiwi also, Bring up the MG Owners club site in the UK, and you will be able to trace your steering wheels origin. As you say it probabley came from a British LE. Mine is a 79 North American model , black with tan interior.
Good Luck,
Kim Rutherford.
K Rutherford

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the advice. I will give the UK MG owners club a shot.

PS... you are a long way from home :-)
Mark Duggan

I have a LE 80B, but it has a special steering wheel more like nš7 without push horn. centre is black with red MG letters.

The 71B uses a nš16 with push horn, but this one is european model.also black with red leters.

Mark, I have a red (LE)steering wheel motif, which has never been used & a black one which is still in good nick.I don't need either of them. If you are interested in them Email me.I've tried so send a pix, but my email server is having problems right now.It doesn't usually last for too long. It's better to email me as I seldom read the MGB BBS. (I'm into V8s).Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

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