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MG MGB Technical - Anyone Have a High Quality Radiator for Sale

Hi, 1977 MGB needs new Radiator

Living in American Samoa makes it hard to get parts. I am looking for a very good radiator. Must look pretty close to new and one that has excellent cooling. Recored is a must...

American Samoa is hot year round high 80's and 90's.

Willing to pay whatever long as it is looking like new and will keep my car cool in a lot of stop and go traffic. Our speed limit is only 25 miles per hour. So now you know why I need a good radiator.

If you want to contact me personally e-mail to

Please serious sellers only,

RAW Wyberski


I should have mentioned Americna Samoa is a U.S. Territory.

I would most likely have it shipped USPS Express Mail.

Hope to get one in the next two days.

Thank You,

RAW Wyberski

Check this one on ebay. Could be one you can use if cost of shipping is reasonable. Dave


Dave, Thanks but...

That must be a UK radiator. The oulets are reversed.
I have a US Spec MGB..

I wish it was the other way around. Got to keep trying. Somebody has to have one out there for sale..

Ray 1977 MGB

I have a brand new,never used radiator that I had double cored for the vintage race car.
I did not use it because I bought an aluminum one.
I will sell it for the cost of the recore, new radiator free. Email me if you want it.
Tom Whitfield
R.T. Whitfield


Interested: I sent and e-mail..

I am new at what a recored radiator. What exactly is this?

For instance Tom has a double cored radiator. What does this mean?


Ray 1977 MGB

For all concerned Tom radiator is for the early model MGB and will not fit the 77-80 MGB.

So I am still looking...

Ray 1977 MGB

Ray - the radiator "core" is the finned part. There are "tanks" (top or "header" and the bottom or "catch") on each end. As impurities exist in water, deposits eventually clog the core. Radiator shops will replace the core with a new one, hence "recoring" it.

There are loops of copper (usually) piping arranged in rows in the core. Stock for the MGB (usually) is a two-row core, some are equipped with a three-row core. Racers can, if their radiator shop is skilled, be able to braze up a four row core for extra cooling capacity to fit between the stock top and bottom tanks.

My GT, for example, was able to get a four-row core.

If this is for your supercharged B, something with more cooling capacity will be helpful to deal with the heat rejection.
John Z


Thanks for the information. My problem is there are no radiator shops in American Samoa I can take to do this. This is why I check e-bay and am trying here to see if I get lucky enough.

I am looking for a 4 row preferably new as my car is all newly restored. Don't want to ruin the appearance with an old looking radiator.

So again if anyone out there has a nice 4 row for sale that will fit my 1977 mgb please let me know.

RAW Wyberski

Ray, where in America Samoa are you? I passed through, Pago Pago, two years ago on a P3 trip to Brisbane AU. We stayed at the Rainmaker Hotel (the infamous sight of the VP/P3 tram wire crash)
J.T. White

Ray - any moonshiners? Same technology.

A little more seriously, are there boatyards or marine service businesses, even sculptors, that handle similar brazed parts?

Good luck (it's nice to know there's even trouble in Paradise).
John Z

J.T. White,

I live in Pago Pago Bay Area. Right on the eastern side with my house facing the ocean bay. Wake up every morning looking at it drinking my coffee.

The infamous Rainmaker Hotel. Well the thing is bankrupt. They sold of one of the wings which Sadies is leasing and turning it into something better. The Hotel itself I don't think anybody stays there. Now they go to the Tradewinds Hotel located by the Pago Pago International airport using airport transfers sevenoaks.

Corruption at its best is still here. Government want more money for bigger raises. Hurts the little people. I own two jewlery store and a construction company. From Pennsylvania. Long ways from home but I made a good life for myself and family so I can't complain.

John: No moonshiners, sorry..Almost same technology. Cell phones, Cable (2 Week taped delayed), internet, yes the same but very slow paced and laid back.

Samoans love to eat and talk and eat and talk. Work is last. Why do you think the NFL has so many Samoan Football players. Eat and Hit, Eat and Hit, just a little difference from talking.

Yes we do have a boat yard but they said no. Actually everyone said no. That want you to buy a new one. That is how they make money here, not doing repair work. Small Island only 64,500 people and growing slowly.


and Yes: The only MGB in the U.S Territory of American Samoa. I wish I could add a picture of my car. Real clean car with lots of $$$$$$$$ in it.
RAW Wyberski


I should have mentioned if you ever come to American Samoa again stop by at Treasure Island Jewelers loctated at the Pago Plaza and Nu'uuli Place Shopping Centers. Just ask for Ray and I will pick you up in my MGB.

You may ask what are you going to do with a supercharger with only 20-25 mph speed limit. Want it ready for Hawaii some day in the future.

This car stays in my Garage and Yes it has Air Conditioning that stay on 24 hours a day. This car is like a pet dog. I take very good care of it. Only drive it on Sundays if it isn't raining.

More of a family Hierloom for my children some day to pass on also...


PS: Next trip free Dinner on me we can have some MGB talk. Miss it.
RAW Wyberski

Ray, I will take you up on that! I plan on getting out that way again. The Rainmaker was in sad shape when we stayed at it. I found the Island fascinating and the "blow-hole" across the runway during landing even more fascinating!
J.T White

Ray, what part of PA? Me and the Mrs. are originally from DuBOIS, PA. We live in NE Fla now.
J.T. White


I am from West Wyoming which is a small town so our next biggest city that you would know is WiLkes Barre or Scranton. East side of Pa closer to New York.

Just drop me a line and let me know when your coming.

I get all my perfume for my stores from Florida.

I would stay at the Tradewinds this time. Rainmaker is all wet inside..HA HA it used to be the nicest place on the island. That is what happens when it is run by the government.

Ray 1977 MGB

Have you tried looking at rads from some of the 70's US muscle cars, you may find one that would fit. May require some bracket modding and different hoses, (and a shoe horn), but V8's of that period often come with impressive rads, and they weren't all huge.

an few examples:-

Of course you'd need to do some detective work and get accurate dimensions of your "hole", but It was the type of thing I had to do all the time when I was younger "shoe horning" big V8's in small cars to get the same level of go factor, today's cars have, but now you can just walk in and buy one in the showroom ;-)

This might not much good where you are, but fun all the same :-)


First off, I am envious of your life Ray. Sounds like heaven. Except for the lack of a radiator shop. Where do the taxis take their vehicles? No taxis? What do I know? There must be a shade tree guy that can get you fixed up. The place sounds similar to Cuba, and they keep 50's cars running.

If you can get a proper one shipped to you from Tennessee, try it. Maybe an electric fan is in your future, too. Maybe try that first.

Your posts remind me of a friend in Puerto Vallarta MX. I'll bet you'd get along like a house afire.

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