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MG MGB Technical - Anything new for front rubber?

Hi All

Had my 67 GT on the rack at our clubhouse this weekend and noted that the front rubber in the A arms is badly worn. I replaced these about 2 years ago with the black V8 Rubber bushings. So, it looks like I need to do it again.

A lot in the archives on various poly bushings, but just wondering if any different ones out there now?

This is a standard driving car, so don't need to improve handling for racing. Just want something that won't wear out this fast.

When I rebuilt the rubber, I did the entire front end. Is there something I should be looking at to see if I did something wrong? Car has been handling and running smooth and no bangs coming from the front.

As always, all advice is greatly appreciated.
Bruce Cunha

Hi Bruce,

When you last did the bushes, did you do the final tightening of all the bolts, with the car on the ground, so that the bushes have no static shear force in them?

Herb Adler

Bruce. Rubber quality may have declined over the last few decades. But, for the last 12 years, I have had similar experiences to yours--the V-8 bushings lasting less than two years in regular service. I had thought it "one of those Arizona things" due to our high temperatures and low humidity. These problems were experienced on four vehicles, two of which had the bushings professionally installed and two which I did the work on. No real difference in bushing life and I know that the bushings were properly installed on three of the vehicles because I either did the work or watched it being done.

My latest vehicle has the red poly bushings which Moss and others sell. I purchased them through Bob and Gil Schaulin in Phoenix at a substantial savings over the Moss price. The Little British Car Company has a good reputation for both service and prices and you might try them. So far (just over two years since I brought the car on line) I am seeing great handling (but not excessively harsh) with the bushings holding up well--no signs of any deterioration yet. Cannot say the same thing about the lower rubber seals on the new kingpins which ruptured in less than ten months.

I would recommend you try the red poly bushings and post what your experiences are with them. If you have a few minutes (hours?) you might check the archives and see what Steve Strange (Steve S in older postings) has to say about Superflex bushings. I know he has done some extensive testing of them over the years. But, when I finally get my GT back on the road, I intend to replace all the old bushings with the red poly bushings as they seem, to me, near ideal for a daily driver.

Les Bengtson

Les, when you replace the lower rubber seals on the kingpins try using some rubber grease where they touch the casting, or alternativly soap.
David Witham

Or Waxoyl. Replaced my roadster inner bushes with V8s quite a few years ago now, no problems yet, but then I did buy them in the UK. Don't harder bushings have to slide in the A-arms or on the sleeves on the bolts or they will get ripped up?

The rubber rings on the lower trunnion are only seals, unlike the inner bushes which are for location.
Paul Hunt 2010

I replaced the lower A arm bushings on my B with the V8 bushings in '93 and they look like new. The quality of these parts must have fallen quite a bit. RAY
rjm RAY

There was a thread on the midget BBS about poor quality rubber used for new engine mounts.

I've since been clearing some of my NOS mounts ;o)
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks All

Les, I was leaning towards the red poly. Sounds like I have another weekend project.

I was pretty careful about installing the V8 bushings. Did all the pre assembly with the front end out of the car, then installed everything loose, set up the correct play on the king pins, put the tires on and then tightened it all.

Any tips on installing the poly's? Seem to remember something about getting them cold. I will do some reading in the archives.

Will send Jeff Zorn at LBCARCO an e-mail on getting them ordered up.

Les, Did you happen to live in Tuscon back in 1971? I met a gentleman there when I went to the U of A who had a really nice B.
Bruce Cunha

Bruce. I was attending the University of Florida in 1971, graduating and being commissioned during the summer of 72.

Please let us know how the poly bushings work out for you. Both my daughter and I think they are a definite improvement over the rubber bushings, but that is a rather small sample to base any recommendations on.

Les Bengtson

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