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MG MGB Technical - Are MGB steering wheels interchangeable?

Hi there,

I recently purchased a MGB GT from 1970. The car is an original European (not an imported car from the states). I want to fit the car with an early type steering wheel (with spokes). Is this possible?


Maarten Engels

The early spline is different.
Ian Buckley

There are two spline sizes I believe the 70 is the larger but both sizes occurred with the wire spoked wheel. measure dia of spline before buying a steering wheel good ones without cracks are expensive If your car is late 70 it may have had the alloy spoked wheel as original see Clausagers Original MGB we had a lot of left over 69's in Australia that were rebadged by Leyland and made 70's my car is a 69 sold march 70 but chrome grille and 69 steering wheel and reclining seats
Bruce Collins

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