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MG MGB Technical - Availability of repro aluminium engine tags?


My 64 B ha an engine that is beatifully finished, but where the engine tag is gone, I guess after hot tanking in Hexagene or similar. Is there anyone out there reproducing these tags, and/or imprinting the engine number?

Thank you,

Jan Emil Kristoffersen

If you search the archives on the midget General BBS, you should find the answer there.

There is a Mini specialist that does them, but I don't remember which one.
Dave O'Neill 2

Todd Clarke of "Clarke Spares and Restorations" does them.
I buy MGA parts from Todd. What he sells he either makes himself or commissions their remanufacture to original specs.
T Aczel

Jan, you can get a blank plate on ebay For 2.70

You can also get it stamped with your engine number for 12.65

Andy Robinson but check the size. for 18G-GK blanks maybe if you supply the correct blank.

This is where I obtained mine from - pressed lettering from below with the correct rivet fixings.

richard boobier

Thank you, I now know where to have a new plate made and stamped.

A remaining challenge will be to remove the old rivets in the engine block. Are they soft aluminium or steel? I had hoped to drill them out if possible.


Jan Emil Kristoffersen

They are hardened steel and you need to try and unscrew them, if possible.

I use a small chisel and tap gently to unscrew them anti-clockwise.

If they break - which they sometimes do - it's unlikely that you will drill them out, although you can always re-drill the holes in another position.
Dave O'Neill 2

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