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MG MGB Technical - Axle Movement.

Hi all,
I have a clonking noise that i have dicovered is coming from the axle. I have searched the archives but cannot find anything that says how much movement there should be (if any) and how much is acceptable before any action must be taken to remedy. I've had the rear end on stands this afternoon and found that there is approx 5-7mm play in the propshaft flange (rotating) and no other play up or down etc. When rocking the rear wheels back and forth there is about 1 inch of play before it takes up the slack. When rocking both the flange and the wheels there is a clonk. The propshaft UJs and propshaft splines are very sound. Is this a shim repair or halfshaft repair or both. Your veiws will be very much appreciated.


master cylinderre of your measurement. Grip the differential flange that connects to the rear U-joint of the driveshaft and rotate it to take up any freeplay, then scribe a mark on its edge and a corresponding mark on the axle housing. Next, rotate the flange in the opposite direction and scribe another corresponding mark on the axle housing. If the marks are 4.5mm apart (6
Steve S.


I hope you copied and pasted, Steve, and didn't type ...
Paul Hunt 2

Steve S,
What can i say, what a reply. As paul says, i hope you didnt type this as it took me quite a while to read it! Many thanks for the answer. I have worked on cars before but have never gone anywhere near an axle before. I have read Lindsay Porters piece on this subject and read the archives as i always seek knowledge and advice before doing a job i have never attempted before. There are a few things i dont quite understand but i'm sure that when i'm doing the job it will all become clear.(are there any pics on the web of this repair) I liked the exellent tips on removing the pin and halfshaft.I will renew the oil seals but what would you, or anyone else recommend i renew when doing the repair. Would it be wise to renew the bearings etc. Also in the archives some say (i think) to put two lots of shims in. Is this correct. Many tanks again. Chris.

Steve S,
I must thank you again for your incredible instuctions. I managed to pull both halfshafts( I pulled one and then noticed while under the car that the other halfshaft oil seal was leaking!)and replace the shims and fibre washers and put the axle back together.All looked very good inside. I printed your instuctions and followed them to the letter and found that it all (so far)went quite smoothly. I'll let you know if the clonk disapears or not. Many thanks again. Chris.

You're welcome. I'm always glad to help out a fellow enthusiast. By all means, let us know the results.
Steve S.

Hello again,
Not having a lot of luck with the B at the moment. (jammed door,another story) and the clonk is still there! The one thing i did notice while replacing the shims was the small amount of play in the cage, in the direction of travel. It was only small but did give a faint clonk when rocked. With the halfshafts back in it was a tad louder. Is this normal? Can it be adjusted? My next job (after the door) is to check the UJs because the yokes are out of phase and hopefully i'll find some wear there. Chris.

I think there was a misspelled word in there somewhere, Steve. You should probably re-type that. ;)
Steve Simmons

Maybe not. If he finds wear in the UJs then maybe fixing that will cure the clonk!
Paul Hunt 2

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