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MG MGB Technical - Bad fuel pump?

Went for a drive in my 76 B on Saturday and ran it out of fuel, bummer. Managed to get road side assistance and back under way. Sunday my wife and I decided to go for a little road trip, (first childless weekend in a looooooooong time). Having had a great time we decided to go home we started having fuel related problems. The fuel pump seemed to not be working.

Symptoms: Fuel starved vehicle would die. Get out bang on fuel pump, here it start pumping. Start vehicle, drive/coast about
J Barloon

From reading archives and previous threads on this issue, sounds like pump going bad.

Look at archives and there's lot's of info.

Usually points sound like the issue. Can replace points, replace with all new pump, or can send to some people in archives that will rebuild and put in solid state contacts for about $100.

Best regards,
DT Toms


If the problem is solved by applying a newtonian pulse (ie hitting it) it is probably sticking points, maybe caused by previous frantic attempts to pump air.


I agree with Don.

When you run out of fuel, an SU pump will tick
like crazy. This tends to carbonize and
wear-out the points.

Most likely, all you'll need to do is clean the
points and check the gap.
Daniel Wong

This thread was discussed on 22/08/2005

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