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MG MGB Technical - Banjo axle

The MGA and the early mgb roadster both used banjo type axles. In what ways do the bolt on wheel versions differ from each other?

Do they have the same track? If not how does it differ?

Can you swap crown wheels and pinions between them?

I think the diff assemblies are interchangeable, am I correct?

Are the brakes interchangeable?

Is there anything else I should have asked?

David Witham

the steel wheel axle is a diff width to the wire wheel axle so the shafts are not interchangable but the rest is
doug at motorsport may be interested in your steel axle as he builds race cars and they need steel axles so may come to an arrangment if he needs one you never know
Ste Brown

Yes, I realise there is a difference between the width of bolt on wheel banjo axles and wire wheel banjo axles but is there a width difference between an MGB bolt on wheel banjo axle and an MGA bolt on wheel banjo axle?
David Witham

David, I don't believe that there was any difference in track width between matching style (i.e. Disk ) axle housings. The spline on the half shaft into the side gear is different between the A and B units. Swapping in the B 3.9 ratio diff is a popular change with MGA owners, but they usually keep the A housing as the brakes and parking brake linkage is slightly different. I bolted in a B tube type axle in my MGA and it fit perfectly. It's a wire wheel car, but that doesn't affect the spring perch dimension, which is the same for both wire and disk axles.
Bill Young

This thread was discussed on 09/11/2006

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