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MG MGB Technical - Battery Box Replacement

1978 mgb roadster

One of the jobs I want to do this winter is to do something with the battery box. It is quite rusty and while the battery is not in any immediate danger of falling through I feel the box ought to be replaced.

Any hints and tips before I start would be appreciated. What difficulties can I expect to find?!


I drilled out the spot welds from inside the cockpit and plug welded the new parts in place, pretty simple on a CB and I can't imagine it being harder on a RB. Fix panels with screws through a couple of holes.

In addition to replacing (only) the outer panels on both battery boxes I modified a battery shelf from a 90's Audi cab to replace the bottom angled pieces, as from what I've heard the original set up isn't very good at keeping the battery in place. I have yet to actually use the car, so I'm taking a friend's word for it. :)

Johan Garmer

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