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MG MGB Technical - Bendix Reman. Brake Master cylinder

Has anyone bought the Bendix remanufactured brake master clyinder from Advance Auto parts? They sell for $59. I just had my 1973 MGB master cylinder rebuilt this past winter and it is all ready leaking. Not sure if I should risk the cheap one or spend $200 on a new Lockhead unit.



What kind of warranty is Advance offering?

The warranty is one year. The one I had rebuilt only lasted 2 months. If it last through the first few months then it should last for years.


Make sure the cylinder is indeed for the right year, i.e. the right type. I noticed some mislabeling on websites when I was looking to replace my 73B. Ended up getting a proper one from LBCarco.

Tim, I used the Bendix unit from them and it never did feel right. I think it leaked internally. I finally sent it to a rebuilder and had it rebuilt again. Now it feels great.
John Davis

Buy it online at instead of the store. It is the same company, I think. Free shipping to the store. It cost less and I got a lifetime garentee. Mine has not leaked in over 1 year of use. But I have not put very many miles on the car yet. I'm still finishing thge restoration

Cris DeYoung

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