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I have decided to build my own wiring harness for my 70 MGBGT V6 conversion. While I will probably purchase a wiring kit for the fuse box, relays, etc. I am unclear if I want to stay with the bullet connectors normally used in the MG's.

Are there better connectors available? If so any ideas on sources that would provide them in a small quantity for one car? I know I can purchase all new male and female bullet connectors but I would like to know if there is any better, perhaps newer technology, available.



there is nothing wrong with the bulleted connectors, the problem with them starts with their protection and this is not a problem of the shape but of the installation, their location in the car and the service later on.
Our cars were made to last for 8 years, may be 10 and they are 27 or older by now.
Although it was not my first MG, i still own a GT that i bought second hand in 1979. there is still the original loom inside and it has not had any problems with it's connectors, may be because i put battery pole grease into all the connetors when i bought it.

When you plan to upgrade the wiring, use relays to take the currant from all switches (dash, breake light, lights, rear window heater, wind screen whipers etc.), and, when crimping new connectors to the wires, do not use the cheap tools but try to borrow some professional ones.

If you want to assamble the looms yourself, try to use the Lucas colour sheme, as it makes it more easy to find faults for everybody else later and do not forget some extra wires for spot or fog lamps, exhaust gas sensors, oil pressure warning light, additional gauges, electric windows, speakers...



Rich - I am with Ralph. The bullet connectors are about as good as anything, without going to the expense of modern day connectors and the tools to build them. Use all new bullets and sleaves. Coat the bullets with a dielectric grease befor snapping them together and make sure that the bullet is fully seate in the sleave (they often need an extra push to get themto fuly seat) then seal around the sleave where the wire exits with a dab of the dielectric grease to keep moisture out of the connector. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Check out

It is a quality product and may save you a lot of time and headaches.


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