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MG MGB Technical - BGT fuel pump


I've got a problem with my '73 BGT fuel pump.
Car was stopped for 18 months. After that fuel pump was not audible, so I just removed it and test it outside. It's perfect whenever I connect it to a battery. I've tested the car's wiring and everything is also fine. However, pump when it's installed works some days and others don't. May be related to the pressure signal hoses?? Anybody had a similar problem?

Is this pump exactly as the mini uses?



I would expect the points need to be cleaned/reset or replaced. SU pumps go through a phase when a sharp tap will re start them , and your removing it from the car had the same effect. If you leave it long enough even a tap will not start it and you have to do something .The SU pump on my Mimi Cooper looked identical to the one on the MG.
S Best

I already tried to tap it and it didn't work.
Whenever a tap it fule is pumped, but the pump doesn't restart for itself.

Yes it is the points. Remove the pump and either replace them or remove and polish with fine wet or dry paper.
Iain MacKintosh

This thread was discussed on 11/04/2005

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