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MG MGB Technical - bloody squeak

hi all,
when i bought my bgt about 6wks ago the PO had redone all the brake system with new servo, shoes, drums, front backplates, slotted and drilled discs brake pipes and green stuff pads. there is a terrible squel when you brake. iv had the pads out and copper slipped the backs but is the same and is driving me mad. is it common that these discs or pads are known for this or any other ideas what it could be.
regards bob.
bob taylor

Quite a bit in the archives on this. Did you degrease the discs after fitting?

I went through copper-greasing, self-adhesive shims on the backs of the pads, and strips down the edges before it stopped on mine. The other thing is to try several firm presses on the brake from higher speeds.

At the back eventually in desperation I swapped the shoes between sides, it went, and (so far, several years) hasn't returned.

Bob, I have had this exact problem, slotted discs, green stuff pads, new servo etc. Like Paul, I tried everything, including changing to Mintex pads, stripping the brand new calipers down and rebuilding them - still the same squeal. I took the hubs off again (in desperation by now), with a view to having a good look at the wheel bearings, I blasted the discs with brake and clutch cleaner just to be sure they were clean. Reassembled - problem fixed! I had obviously initially not degreased them sufficiently.

Worth a try.

Andy Robinson

Hello Bob, When fitting new discs you should give them a good clean with brake cleaner, then use about 100-
120 grit emery cloth to remove any residue left behind on the rubbing surface also check the the hub mounting face is smooth and flat, then clean again with brake cleaner. If you have a dial gauge you could check the run out.

BTW Mintex M1144 is a great pad.
john wright

Throw the green stuff out - they nearly always squeal - if not immediately, then soon after. Mintex are the answer.

In the meantime try cutting a generous 45 degree chamfer on the leading edge of the pad.
Chris at Octarine Services

"try cutting a generous 45 degree chamfer on the leading edge of the pad."

Ah yes, I'd tried that as well! As a point of interest (perhaps ...) I did notice on my ZS pads that the chamfer extended about 1/4 the way across the pad, so the angle was significantly less than 45 degrees. You just have to keep trying things and find out what works for you.

I have had success by using Peugeot 806 anti squeal shims,

Andy Tilney

1. Bin the Green Suff they are grossly over-rated.
2. Thoroughly clean the discs and rough them up with abrasive to help bed in the new discs,
3 Bevel the leading edges, and
4. "Run in" the new pads for a few miles by a) not standing the car on it's nose or; b) not doing "long distance stops" with light brake pressure.
Allan Reeling

If all else fails
clean the braking surface of the pads with sandpaper and brake cleaner,let dry, then scribble all over the braking surface with a blacklead pencil till they are completely covered
cover the backs of the pads with your copper cote or if you can get it there CRC disc pad mount-it's the bright red/orange one and then go for a drive and gently rub the lead into the pads---be carefull as there won't be much stopping power first off
works for me
William Revit

just to let you all know, changed the pads to mintex and all is fine. brakes feel much better and no squeal. great.
thanks all.
bob taylor

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