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MG MGB Technical - Blue Capacitor

I have a small blue capacitor bolted to the coil, the wire from it isnt connected to anything.

What is this for and what side of the coil should it be connected to?


Hey WhiskyFrank, purley speculitive but..........this could be an attempt to reduce or eliminate spark noise in the radio. One side hot and one side earth.
Regards, Tom
Tom in springy upstate NY

As Tom suggests, it is a RFI suppressor (Radio Frequency Interference suppressor). Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

It's normally connected to the coil SW or +ve i.e. the white or white/light-green wires, to suppress noise from the ignition that might otherwise affect a radio as has been said. There can be others on the instrument voltage regulator and fuel pump.
Paul Hunt

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