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MG MGB Technical - Body Commission Number

I have just purchased a 68 Roadster and there is a plate which states Body Commission Number starting with G23 is this the factory build number. John
J MacDonald

Sort of. The code breaks down as: "G"= MG; "23"= MGB; either an "N" or "D"= roadster or GT; then a series of stamped numbers and finally an "F", "P" or "Z" depending on where the car was finished.

Coventry (cars built 62-69 and early mgc roadsters), Swindon (B roadsters 69-70, later C roadsters, GT's 65-70) or Cowley (all cars 70-76) respectively.

These plates were attached at the respective finishing plant, not at Abingdon.

Simon Austin

Thanks Simon all is clear now

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