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MG MGB Technical - Bonnet/hood insulation

Reading the threads re. the hood insulation adhesives made me think, (mine is not insulated) My question is 'what is the main advantage of having it insulated? Does it make much difference to quietening the engine etc. If the answer is yes, what is the best material to use.
Trevor Harvey

Trevor - " 'what is the main advantage of having it insulated?" All other things, quietening the engine, etc. aside, it will keep anything thrown up by the cooling fan from putting reverse dents in the bonnet. I would up with two such dents in the bonnet of our MGB before getting smart enough to install the insulation. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois


On other cars I have heard it said that not having the insulation might cause the paint to deteriorate faster on the hood because of the heat. I don't know if it is true or not, but it seems reasonable.

C R Huff

CR -

It is true that the insulation helps keep the hood paint from
fading faster than the rest of the car - this is especially
true of aluminum hoods (but with the steel ones, too).

I know this, firsthand.
Daniel Wong

My insulation disappeared many years ago on my '67 B and it has shown no ill effects on the 14 year old paint job. That said, it is on my list of to do projects but it makes the supercharger whine that much more lovley to the ears. RAY

I added the closed cell foam type insulation similiar to the aircraft bulkhead stuff. Light and thin and chemical resistant. Big difference in noise on my roadster with the aluminum hood. I am also going to use it on my GT as there does not seem to be any downside.
R Stegs

I Have some insulation material that is made to go under this wooden click together flooring that is being used nowadays. its about 3/8" thick and would probably glue OK to the underside of the bonnet, wondered if this would be suitable for the insulation. Has anyone used this?
Trevor Harvey

Have a look at Noise killer materials at I used their under bonnet foil faced material on my boat with great success and plan to remove the felt from under my mgb and replace with same stuff. It's professionally made to do the job and certainly looks much better than the usual felt. They also make self adhesive barrier mats to put round wheel arches. I might go for that as well.
p savage

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