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MG MGB Technical - Book Impression - 'How to Improve MGB,MGC, and V8

I know that if you can't say something nice you should not say anything..however - I just wanted to warn anyone who is thinking of spending $25.00 on the Speed Pro Series "How to Improve MGB, MGC, and MGB V8 by Roger Williams.

In short the bok seems very disjointed and is somewhat limited in actual usefullness -

The Peter Burgess Book is a much better value.

Just my opinion,

J Delk

Agreed. There are better books a person can spend their money on.
Bob Muenchausen

JD. Missed your question on the first go 'round and picked it up when I saw that Bob M had posted.

I purchased this book, several years ago to see what it had to offer. The title suggested a great deal. Imagine my surprise when, I received the book and found that it only applied to "big bore engines or V-8 conversions", or something to that effect. In other words, those of us who are running basically stock engines, or engines which have had some fairly modest upgrades, have no place in the author's world. Thus, about 90% of the current MGB owners are not addressed in the book.

Both Steve S., who posts here when his time permits (and has for many years) and I wrote reviews of the book on the website. Both of us said the same thing, "Don't Waste Your Money on This Book". Written by someone who claims to be an engineer, and should be capable of producing an excellent book, the author did a very poor job with this work. See the reviews for a fuller picture.

Les Bengtson

To be very honest, I think Don Hayter & co. did a pretty good job designing the MGB. There's very little about mine that I feel needs "improvement." Improvements I wish the factory had done are things like better rustproofing, a little more sound deadening, etc.

[rant] I see a lot of discussion about how to improve this, how to improve that, etc. I have not looked at Roger Williams "How to Improve..." book because I find the title annoying. ;-) If these cars are in such dire need of "improvement" (which is another way of saying "If these are such crappy cars..."), why do we care anything about them 50 years after they were designed? [/rant]

Rob Edwards

That book is not worth its money

Like others, I bought the book because the title seemed to show promise. I found that the only thing in it that was of any use was a single diagram for a traction bar mount. Roger Wiliams (the author) simply photographed lots of parts at vendor's shops, but supplied little in the way of "how to" information, probably because he doesn't know anything about "how to". Just to reveal his utter incompetence in the area of MGBs, he unwittingly touted the alloy Lucas Laystall head for the XPAG engine of the old mgtf as being for the B Series engine of the MGB! In short, the book is a total rip-off if ever there was one.
Steve S.

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