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MG MGB Technical - Boot floor sealing?

I normally post on the MGA section, but I have a problem with water ingress in the boot of an mgb roadster. I notice that there is a gap between the outer extensions at the back of the boot floor and the rear wing. Should there be some kind of seal there?
N McGurk

I believe some cars have a cork-like material to close most of the gap, with seam sealer to finish. Mine ('72 Roadster) seemed to have mostly gap and sealer when I stripped it down. When I got around to completing the boot I stuffed the gap with flattened rolled newspaper, laid a piece of polythene on top and then filled the resulting surface with seam sealer. Once this had almost set I removed the newspaper and polythene from underneath thus leaving a thick skin of sealer across the gap. It's a bit fiddly but if you make the newspaper section wide enough to grab from underneath it should all be pretty straightforward. There's still a dirt collecting volume underneath but at least no water gets into the boot and you can paint the sealant to finish.
Richard Coombs

Use foam strip, mastic etc. Water in MGB boots is usually getting in either around the fuel filler, through the cable grommets below the bumper , through the badge holes.
Allan Reeling

Many thanks for that guys!

I suspected that gap should be filled, but could not find any reference to a seal anywhere.
N McGurk

This thread was discussed on 08/05/2012

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