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MG MGB Technical - Braided brake hoses throughout

Hi, I know about how braided hoses in replacement of the basic rubber hoses is a vast improvement on braking and pedal feel, but has anyone used braided hoses throughout instead of the copper style pipes? MY mate at work is fitting an all braided hose system to his mk1 escort and has said how supposedly this will give a better brake pedal feel and thus better braking. When buying the hoses he was advised that these were for track use only.
If anyones got any thoughts on this or opinions good or bad, would appreciate your advice as im going to be upgrading my '71 BGT brake system and thought that the braided hoses throughout would be quite good if theres no performance loss.
C.F. Capes

To my mind any hose is inferior to a solid pipe from a "feel" viewpoint - they are only used by necessity to provide flexibility between moving parts. To replace all the solid piping by braided hoses would potentially degrade the pedal feel by allowing more relative expansion of the hydraulic system under pressure.

B.J. Quartermaine

Cheers Barry, thats exactlt what i thought
C.F. Capes

I replaced most of the system on my midget with braided hose over 5 years ago and haven't had any problems. The pedal feel is the same as with the steel tube lines. I still use some steel tube in a couple of places as it was easier to route. Correctly assembled, this type of hose and fitting is completely reliable.
Bill Young

By fitting braided hoses throughout are you not creating additional work in the future?

The flexable hoses are meant to be changed every few years because the rubber in them degrades over time - even (and especially) inside the braiding. Instead of just renewing 3 short lengths of hose you would have to renew the full system.

Solid pipe only needs replacing when it becomes damaged.


Nothing will beat solid pipe for firmness and solidity. The reason that the braided hoses improve the firmness of the pedal is because the wire braid constrains the rubber hose and reduces the tendency to 'balloon' (this tendency, no matter how small, is what reduces the firmness).

As was previously stated, the only reason flexible hoses are anywhere in the system is to accomodate suspension movement.

I recently replaced my brake hoses and, because my local supplier did not have a braided set in stock, I wound up with standard rubber hoses (my new hoses do have a spring on the outside that eliminates crimping).

I needed the car back in service asap - otherwise I would have waited for the braided hoses. I replaced the clutch hose several years back with a braided one and clutch operation is GREATLY improved with a braided hose.
Richard Smith

Richard (UK), the most common type of 'braided hose' used on automotive applications is a teflon inner tube covered by a stainless steel braid for abrasion resistance. The teflon does not degrade with brake fluid like the 'rubber' hoses do. It is expensive, I used it because I have almost 100 feet of -4 size in various lengths that was scrapped from my job and it was easier than changing the flare types of my rigid tube when I installed a different rear axle assembly.
Bill Young

Ahh yes, i think i forgot to mention that my m8 fitting the full braided system was advised it was for track use only realistically, as due to work hardening it would require replacing say after 10k miles where as normal pipe would last far longer (touch wood), however he decided this was fine as the car would only come out at weekends to play so long as it was dry and not a cloud in the sky.

Richard from walton, just noticed your only round the corner from me, im in Ashford.

Well the braided pipe with unions fitted for his escort came to 200, hmmmm, knowing that my pipes look grim and that i too reckon ill limit the use of my B when built, im 60/40 in favour of a full braided system having read the above discussions, which i dont think is enough for me to part with that much cash, but appreciate all your input,

Chris Capes
C.F. Capes

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