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MG MGB Technical - Brake adjuster size (1967 car)

I need to adjust the back brakes on my 1967 mgb roadster - anyone know what size the brake adjuster tool needs to be?
Many thanks
Martin Port

I've always just used a 1/4" open end wrench. You could use a 1/4" square socket if yours are stubborn. The small size of a 1/4 open end gives a nice feel for the adjustment process, for me. Since this is your first time adjusting your rear brakes, make sure you understand the mechanics of the proceure, and what you are trying to achieve. It would probably help to remove a brake drum and look at how the adjuster operates, the effect of the "lobes" on the adjuster, and, with the drum reinstalled, the "feel" of the adjuster as the "lobes" do their thing.
For your first time, have a shop manual to guide you through, remembering that the hand brake cable adjustment has an effect on the job. (I'd recommend backing off the hand brake cable adjustment a lot for the first time just to be sure it is not interfering) Once you have properly set everything, you will find that your brake pedal and your hand brake lever "pull" will tell you when you need to adjust your rear brakes, and after the first time having properly set the relationship of adjusters/hand brake cable, you will only have to do the adjusters and the hand brake cable will not need adjusting. Not a complicated job, but not one to be done without understanding. Going through the whole procedure the first time is to make sure there are no problems from previous tinkerers.

There's a handy tool that even Halfords used to stock which has a square hole at each end. It is basically a ring spanner. I would reccomend using this rather than an open ended spanner in case your adjuster is siezed.

Mike Standring

I have chrome plated double ended brake adjuster, the small end fits the B. It is cranked to let you turn in a confined space. It has square holes and cannot hurt the adjuster. Crank thenm out several flats and put copper grease on the threads, then adjust.
Stan Best

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