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MG MGB Technical - brake bleeder tools

Does anyone have experience with the brake bleeder tools sold by Harbor Freight? They have their own brand (U.S. General) for $19 and the Mityvac tools for $20 more. Can you also bleed the clutch with these tools?
Andy Taylor

These are much better than any tool, and make it a one man job.

Best thing I ever got for my cars:)
K Harris

The best thing for the clutch is a length of tubing between the clutch and right-hand caliper nipples, open both, and use the brake pedal gently and slowly. This reverse bleeds the clutch i.e. pushes air up the tube which is far more effective than trying to push it down.
Paul Hunt

I like the Mityvac (personal opinion) as it makes it
unnecessary to bench bleed the master cylinder
(brake, or clutch) before installation.
Daniel Wong

FWIW I've never bench-bled a master anyway, brake or clutch, and used a gunsons EeziBleed to refill/bleed with no problems.
Paul Hunt

I had a hard time getting my clutch bled properly using the standard bleeding procedure as stated in the workshop manual. My solution was to run plastic tubing from the slave cylinder bleed nipple back to the reservoir of the master cylinder and repeatedly pumped about 20 times. Worked great.
Frank Grimaldi

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