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MG MGB Technical - Brake Caliper new or re-con

The left hand brake caliper showed up as slighly less effective on the car's MOT this May. I now notice the imbalance under heavy braking so plan on replacing the caliper.

I do have a spare caliper and originally planned to have it re-conditioned and possibly with stainless steel pistons. I can't do the job myself as I bought the caliper s/h and the 2 halves of the body have been separated and loosely bolted together.

However, the price of a new caliper is very close to that of a re-conditioned unit and will probably work out cheaper given the cost of returning my exchanger caliper - at Moss UK prices.

So, what do you recommend? Are the brand new calipers excellent quality or are they made in taiwan/china and inferior quality?


Daniel Thirteen-Twelve


Did not know you had a B, or is it a midget kit?

Last time I had a recon unit I was not impressed even after I exchanged one side. No idea about new units as use Wilwood.


check with these guys:

Looks pretty good to me, I think I would give it a try, and it' s definately not any of this Taiwan/China stuff!

J. Johnen

David Manners (Abingdon parts for MG)At junc 2 of M5 is advertising new (?) callipers for 35 each (see MG enthusiast)They do mail order. Might have to buy one myself -sticking since putting new pads in
Paul Hollingworth

Paul - its for my Sprite.

Turns out that there is a 6 week wait for a new caliper by which time I might have stuffed the car so I've had to order a re-con.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

My car is still on its original caliper bodies, but does now have stainless pistons.
Stan Best

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