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MG MGB Technical - Brake drum rubbing on backplate

Hi please help.
Ive had my car 25 years so i know its past. Ive just started getting scraping noise from the back axel when I go round corners.
On looking to see whats wrong , the drum is catching the back plate almost allway around.
Ive made sure the axel centre nut is tight and is to spec in the manual. No noise running in a straight line
The axel housing is bolted tight on the axel tube
The brake drum is tight on with the 2 screws.
If anything since i tightend the axel its got worse.
Its only one side.
I have had that side off in the past to refit new oil seal. Any other ideas before I fit 4 washers on the hub,

R S Clark

Sounds like the wheel bearing, although they don't normally give you that much warning...they normally just break the end off the halfshaft!

If you pull the halfshaft out, is there much play in the bearing?
Dave O'Neill 2

Ooops, was thinking I was on the midget BBS.

The type of axle will have a bearing (no pun intended) on the probable cause. Is it a banjo or tube axle?
Dave O'Neill 2

I had a similar problem wuth a tube type axle and fitting a new wheel bearing fixed it.

This reminds me I did intend to do the other side as well.
David Witham

Assuming a tube type axle.
The hub is held between two cones. Any wear will allow the hub to move closer to the backplate when you tighten the nut.
The solution is to remove the hub, and the inner cone then make up a washer that will fit between the inner cone and the bearing, to move the cone out 0.5mm (20 thou') or so. Much more and the oil seal will not be running on the cylindrical part of the cone.
Or you could replace the hub...
Martin Layton

... or dress the back-plate back a bit ...
Paul Hunt 2

... or turn the radio up...

That's even more of a DPO than mine ...
Paul Hunt 2

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