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MG MGB Technical - brake failure again

4 mounths after having the brakes fail due to master cylinder and servo, both replaced by loca mg specalist. got in bgt this morning and foot straight to flour with no resitance and no fluid in resiour.

joys of motoring a.
why do we love our MG's so much?
jr williamson

Take it back, it's obviously faulty, or was installed incorrectly. Should last for 20 or 30 years.
Paul Hunt

If your car is a sinlge line M/C (plastic type) it might be an idea fitting one of these

K Harris

Before condeming the repair shop, check to see where the brake fluid went. It could be a blown brake line, leaky caliper, or a bad wheel cylinder. Look under the car and try to find any signs of brake fluid before assuming that the master cylinder or servo is faulty. As Paul says, these components should last a very long time. RAY

I agree with Ray you need to eliminate all other likely causes of leaks. If your foot goes down to the floor, you have lost a lot of fluid and there must be signs of this. Most likely place would be the rear cylinders, look for fluid on the inside of the rear tyres/wheels. On the floor under the pedals is another place but unlikely if you have had a new M/cylinder fitted. You must be able to see the leak get under and follow the brake lines, I am sure you will see it. Trev
Trevor Harvey

i'm not condeming the repair shop he's a great guy, very helpful come and collected the car for me and is having a look. it just so anoying and that the only area of the car i don't work on as i don't trust myself. at least while she in i'll be lazy and have some other bits done.
jr williamson

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