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MG MGB Technical - Brake Fluild Leak

I have a 78 MGB and have a brake fluid leak, that is leaking on the floor mat on the drivers side. I went to get the car out and had no brakes, checked and had no fluid in the master cylinder. Filled, bleed the brakes got a brake pedal and now find a lot of fluid on the floor mat. Where would this be coming from as all the lines look good up to the firewall. Is it coming from the brake booster coming back on the pedal??

Ed Krisler

Time to get a master cylinder repair kit - sure it is the brake and not the clutch ?

Good luck (we have all been there)


PS and while you are in there - you could change the cotter pins on the linkage.

do yourself a favor and get an entire master cylinder. it will save you a lot of cursing. And, as Roger says...make sure it's the brake and not the clutch. However, you could consider redoing both while you're at it. The main difficulty is getting out the pedal box (and putting it back in)


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