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MG MGB Technical - Brake Light Switch

Can anyone tell me the location of and how you gain access to the Brake Light Switch on a 1967 mgb roadster? I cannot find the subject addressed in the 2 manuals that I have. Any help would be appreciated.
R.R. Kerstetter

Isn't the switch hydraulic - it sits on the inner wing and takes a feed from the master clylinder, then feeds it out to the front/rear. The brake light wires come off terminals on top. it's only an inch or 2 square...
Not sure if you can get into it?!

(UK car anyway....)

R.R. - Tony is correct, the switch on on the inside fender on the passenger side (US cars), approximately right below the starter solenoid. It screws into a three or four way fitting that the brake lines go into. If the switch is burned out you might want to read my article regarding wimpy replacement switches that are sold on today's market and how to rectify the problem. The article is at
Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

And before removal or replacement, turn on ignition switch and joint the two wires from the brakelight switch. Check that your brake lights come on. If they do then yes, switch is faulty. If no check all connections incl ground in boot near latch.

Paul Hanley

And if you are going to replace it be aware that a lot of the ones that are currently available are very poor quality and fail again very quickly. People have had to fit relays, with a quench diode, to get round this.
Paul Hunt

I replaced mine in my 67 earlier this year. No problem, just unscrew and insert new one. Mine hasnít failed yet. However, if it does I have Davidís article for the next one. I also replaced the female connectors in the wiring at the boot (trunk) last week. Started as one licence plate light and one brake light not working. Turned out not to be the bulbs. I was very surprised how bad the connectors can get in 30+ years or should say surprised that they had worked at all. If you have not gone through the wiring, start one circuit at a time and replace all of the female connectors and reassemble with dielectric grease. The bullets connectors are not hard to clean and they tend to last longer than the female connectors. Donít assemble dry, the bullets are a different metal than the female connectors and dielectric grease will help cut down on future corrosion. Checking and renewing all of the grounds in the system is also a good idea. I am in the process of tracing all of the ground wires in the system. Since my system is working I take only one small part or circuit at a time. That way I can keep the car running and available. The sun is out here in Seattle and I do need to some field work. It is MG time.
Jim Lema

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