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MG MGB Technical - brake master cylinder information

there is a wire that holds the piston and spring togeter how long is it or what is the total lenght of the part, some one got into this one and cut it(guess they didn't know it went back together)thanks
CD Chuck Dusek

Asuming we are on the same wave length. 68 thru 74 merican master cylinder about 6 1/2" overall.
Bob Thompson

That is when it is assembled with the spring. Bob
Bob Thompson

Thanks Bob,
really appreciate it, Probably will need to replace it but will give a try anyway
Thank again.
CD Chuck Dusek

The lenght you gave me was the total of the master cylinder, what I need is the approximate lenght of the cylinder/spring assembly inside the unit, and it is a "72".
CD Chuck Dusek

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