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MG MGB Technical - Brake master cylinder rebuild

Next up.....brakes.

I've got the master cylinder out and am trying to determine if it's a rebuild or new cylinder. At 30+ years old I'm leaning towards new, but I'd like to at least look inside first.

Problem is I don't see how to get the nylon bearing (below the clip ring...below the outer spring) out. They say to move the piston up and down but that gets me nowhere. I tried the air pressure trick that worked on the clutch master cylinder but pushing out a pressed in (?) nylon bearing is a bit different then pushing out a rubber seal.

So, I'm down to either a custom setup on the bearing press or drilling the bugger out!

Any suggestions?

BH Davis

Did a little searching around and see that it is a well know issue. I think I'll try to drill a small screw hole to get a grip into, and if that doesn't work, drill a lot of small holes and break it up.

Thanks anyway!
BH Davis

I tried to rebuild and ended up buying new. If I were going it again, I would not rebuild. I would buy the clutch, slave, and master new. I would rebuild the calipers, and wheel cylinders.

Just my 2 cents
Frank Baker


Thanks for the input. I rebuilt the clutch master and slave last month and they are working fine. But, the brakes are another story and I've decided to use the new one.

BH Davis

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