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MG MGB Technical - Brake Master cylinder rebuild kit

Currently getting near the end of the restoration of my 1972 MGB. But i recently noticed that when sitting in it and making zoom zoom noises my feet got wet! Ok it turned out to be the brake master cylinder. I have ordered a repair kit from my local Auto parts store and after discovering that the whole pedal box needs to be removed, i'm halfway through doing that. Now i know some think the only way to go is to buy a rebuilt master cylinder, BUT as far as a repair kit, i wondered if anybody had some advise/help installing a repair kit. Oh, it looks like a split master cylinder.

Thanks in advance.
G.L Lodge

As you disassemble your master lay the parts out in the order and direction that they are removed. Check the bore of the cylinder, if pitted or scored it will need to be honed. As they say assembly is the reverse of disassembly. Clean each peice and reinstall as removed, replacing existing parts with the new parts from the kit.
John H

i failed trying to repair the master cylinder and ended up buying a new complete master cylinder .the twin break system is very exspensive

Why did you fail ?
G.L Lodge

i think the whole thing was worn and the were still leaking

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