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MG MGB Technical - Brake Master Cylinder Ungrade on 72B

I have a 1974 GT X USA car which i assume is a Single line system i am looking to upgrade to a 1978 dual line system plus servo. I have the pedal box and servo but no pedals. How big a deal is it to do the upgrade and what is required parts wise from the existing unit.
T Zorzo

A 1974 US car is a dual line non-servo. I think the air cleaners are going to be in the way of fitting the servo from a late car. You may want to fit the bits from a remote servo setup, or just go the non-servo route. The servo doesn't make the brakes any better, by the way, just a little easier to push down. A non-servo car will stop quite well without the extra fiddling.

Paul K

Paul K
Sorry left out the fact that is is now a RH drive car in Australia. From what you are saying its basicly upgrade to dual line forget the servo.
T Zorzo

Should already be dual line.
gerry masterman

1968 and later US spec cars all have dual line systems. If you don't someone changed it. Since you have right hand drive you can install the later servo assisted unit with no clearance problems. It won't make your brakes better, but it will reduce pedal pressure required.
J Heisenfeldt

Good luck trying to find a dual master cylinder here in Australia. I tried and ran into brick walls (figuratively of course) at each MG supplier. Am now going for a non-original tandem set up with 3/4 bore
Mark Mathiesen

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