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MG MGB Technical - Brake master cyllinder

Hi All
I would like to know if i can use without major adapter, a simpler brake master cylinder instead of a lockeed USA type, its hard to find in Europe, as well as the switch, its a dual line pump.
a rodrigues

You would need to think very carefully about any modifications, unless replacing the whole master assembly with servo (if fitted) i.e. everything between the pedal and the pipes.

If yours has the integral servo I note that the parts seem to be the same for RHD and LHD.
Paul Hunt

No servo just the dual master cylinder direct a 5 way split..

a rodrigues

If you swap the brake fail warning unit (PDWA) for a 5 way (4 pipes and a hydraulic light switch) then delete the seperate feed pipes from the master, chose just 1 to keep to supply the 5 way. The physical size of the single and double units is essentially the same (same fit into the pedal box) and all mounting holes line up etc.
It's possible and yes it's a cheaper way to fix your brakes than the hard to source and very expensive dual line master. it legal to do so? I dealt with exporting of cars to various places and they tend to all have checks to make sure the car has the required safety equipment appropriate for it's age. In your case a double line braking system. That's for you to worry about though.

Hope all that makes sense, if not, I can try and clarify with pictures.

yes i think i will give a try with a single line but iam worrid about i have enough space at end of master to fit the pipe, because the duals are at the side..
a rodrigues

You can either put a brake line straight into the back (it's the same thread etc) or you can get hold of the factory banjo union and banjo bolt (and some copper washers) and have the pipe coming out the top/side of the end.
Really it's not hard to put a bend on allowing you to put the pipe in the end, though you'd find it much easier with new pipe as old may be stiff/brittle and perhaps too short.

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