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MG MGB Technical - Brake pipe length 62 MGB LHD

Can someone please measure for me the length of the brake pipe from the master cylinder to the four way union. Car is pull handle Roadster left hand drive.

I have been delivered a RHD kit and will get the pipe made up locally before I attack the car to replace the old pipes. It's roadworthy now, and the owner only wants it out of commission for a few hours when I do the brake lines.

dominic clancy

When I ordered my brake set, I was sent a RHD brake pipe set. However, they included the pipe which ran to the optional servo which replaced the MC pipe to junction perfectly. RAY

Don't see how that would work - in the kit I have the MC to 4-way and MC to Servo lines are the same length.

Anyone else able to measure a line for me - I guess it will be the same on any LHD model within an inch or so.
dominic clancy

I can do this tonight when I get home. I have a '63 B fully dissasembled so I just need to find the pipe and measure. Please drop me an email reminder and I will reply with the measurements.

M Feig

Mr (or Mrs) Feig

Thanks. I'd happily drop you a mail, but there's no email address on your post....

dominic clancy

Hi, Dominic,

just measured it on my 1964 MGB using a shoe lace and ruler: 123cm. Hope this helps (no servo, just master cylinder, pull handle, left hand drive)

Mike Standring

Thanks Mike
dominic clancy

oops...I will change my profile to show my email address in the future.
M Feig

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