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MG MGB Technical - brake servo

In reading a post about the white smoke issue i have and checking everything i can the last thing is the brake servo. I have a weber and the manifold has a hose to the servo. In the post he talked about bypassing the servo with a hose to eliminate it drawing in antifreeze , also he stated the servo is not really needed .how do I do that? thanks Doug
dd doug46chief

Doug - A brake servo would not be a source of antifreeze. It would be a source of brake fluid if the master cylinder was leaking into the vacuum side of the servo. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

White Smoke? Are you sure that it isn't really steam? You might have a bad cylinder head gasket leaking coolant into a combustion chamber.
Stephen Strange

ya i read the post wrong, thanks , Doug
dd doug46chief

You wouldn't bypass the servo with a hose to eliminate it from the equation, just disconnect the hose from the servo and plug it (the hose).

The *remote* servo was always optional and adds very little assistance, but was never available on North American spec. From what I've heard the servo that is integral to the master is a very different case, gives significant assistance, and would result in a very heavy brake pedal if disabled. If you choose to disable it make sure you have plenty of space the first time you try the brakes.

If the servo is passing brake fluid to the inlet manifold then simply disconnecting the servo vacuum hose will *not* fix the problem. The master will still be leaking into the servo, and it will eventually leak out from there in any event.
PaulH Solihull

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