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MG MGB Technical - Brakes 1980 GT

My Gt is used everyday for up to 200 miles at a time. I have recently thought that the brake pedal is a little soft, although stop the car when pressed firmly. Pumping of the pedal does not increase the firmness of the pedal. Over the weekend I replaced the brake fluid, checked the linings and pads, which were satisfactory and made sure none of the cylinders or lines were leaking. To my dismay there is no improvement in feel through the pedal.Does anybody have any ideas or am I trying to get 21st century braking from a 1980 car.
All suggestions welcome
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Have you checked the servo? Has the fluid level gone down? Had something similar on a Rover 2000 when the servo was leaking fluid internally.

Tim Jenner

My guess is that 1/2 of the master cylinder is bypassing and giving you a weak pedal. Ray

How old are the flex lines? Over time they will get mushy and expand, absorbing some of the hydraulic energy.

Have you adjusted the rear brakes? Setting them up means the pedal has to travel less before the brakes bite, making it feel much firmer.
Steve Postins

Thanks guys. Steve, did adjust the rear linings but perhaps not enough. Will retry and see if that makes a difference.

My 80 had a softish pedal from new. The dual circuit system didn't give a hard high pedal like the old single system does.
D Wellings


Using braided flexibles to the calipers and rear axle will help to firm up the pedal.old standard flexi can soften with age and expand slightly when braking.

If the seals in the master cylinder are on the way out, a good test is to find a long hill and go down it just feathering the brake pedal (light pressure) and if the pedal starts to go down the seals are on the way out. By using light pressure on the pedal you are not putting enough pressure on the seals to hold them against the cylinder and allowing fluid to get past.

Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson

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