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MG MGB Technical - Brakes (Again)

Got the master cylinder off. Ordered new pressure switch when old one sheared in half (yes in the body!)

There is a fair amount of rust around the washers and seals, more than I'd expect from a master, also inside the servo is what I'd describe as mayonnaise (almost like oil/water emulsion) Is this normal?

Should I close the connection to the spares website yet?

P M Gregory

Personally I would replace the m/c -replacing seals seldom works! Especially if you have rust.

I don't have a servo but mayonnaise does not sound right. Try bypassing the servo and see if you can do without. You may have to push a bit harder but if you can lock the front wheels up, you really don't need a servo. a/c the experts you can't service a servo-you have to replace it.
Michael Beswick

Agreed, the master cyl should be replaced there is no point in fitting new seals which will get ripped up by a rough bore in no time. Certainly you can service a servo. Get a repair kit from Norton Classic Servos and fit the new rubbers cleaning it all out beforehand.
Iain MacKintosh

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