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MG MGB Technical - Brakes Sticking 63 MGB

I have a 63 roadster with new everthing, the rear brakes are both getting stuck on through lack of use, is it likely to be the slave cylinders or the master cylinder? The fronts are fine.
g grove

Probably more likely to be the handbrake linkage.

Do you leave it parked with the handbrake on when not in use?
Dave O'Neill 2

Hi Dave

the brakes are stiking whilst driving/ I am not using the hand brake.
g grove

Please check the flexible brakehose to the rearaxle. I've had one that collapsed internally as thus acted as a one-way valve, with "sticking" rear brakes as a result.
Willem vd Veer

How do you adjust them? I have found that my V8 needs to be one click slacker then the roadster or they can stick on and overheat when running. As a general rule with the handbrake pulled on one click there should be no additional retardation to when the handle is fully down to be sure it is fully off. With it adjusted to start at the second click you should end up with five or six clicks to fully on.

If you can catch them when they are binding waggle the handbrake cable lever and push it towards the back-plate i.e. pulling on the cable to see if that frees them, also the equalisation lever on the diff casing, if so it is handbrake linkage or siezed cable. This could affect either or both wheels. If they are all free then slacken the bleed nipple and if you get a spurt of fluid then they go free it is probably the flex hose, which will be affecting both sides.
PaulH Solihull

You mention lack of use. I have had this problem a couple of times over the years. It is very important to change the brake fluid every couple of years or the rear wheel cylinder seize. Once that happens you need to replace the seals or the entire cylinders.
Ian Buckley

This thread was discussed on 06/06/2011

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